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Cyprus Organic Black Olives (Jar )


Net Content: 250 gr

Available in: Jar

The product is 100% natural, pure and vegan

Made In Cyprus




Olives are very bitter and cant be be eaten right off the tree, they must be cured to reduce their bitterness. Processing methods differ with the olive variety, and region. There various types of olives, some are picked unripe, others are allowed to fully ripen on the tree. The colour of an olive is not directly related to its state of ripeness. One type of olives start off green and turn black when fully ripe. A type start off green and remain green when fully mature, while others start of black and remain black.

In Greece and Cyprus they are typically eaten by themselves as a snack accompanied with crusty bread or as drinks snack.



  • Black olives,
  • salt,
  • water,
  • extra-virgin olive oil


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