‘Theo’s Garden’

Theo’s Garden’ is a newly formed company that has

been certified by the European Union as a producer

and packager of organic products. Our products are

produced according to specific stringent parameters

which are defined by European legislations and deal

with producing, processing, and trading them.

EU-approved organizations are responsible for

checking and certifying our products, ensuring that

they are up to par with these particular parameters.

Teo Ice tea Organic Herb Infusion

  • Organic Mountain tea – Lemon infusion
  • Organic Lavandula and Sage – Mango infusion
  • Organic Geranium and Mint – turmeric coloring infused

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  • Teo ice tea-Organic Geranium and mint extract and turmeric

    The first cypriot ice tea from organic herbs. Flavor: organic Geranium, mint extract and turmeric


    Medicinal properties of mint:

    Treatment of diarrhea, gastric fever or toxic infections.It seems to help memory and so is recommended during exam periods. Mint is antispasmodic (calms the smooth muscle that runs through the digestive system, reducing muscle spasms) and helps with irritable bowel syndrome.Helps treat ulcers and stimulate bile secretions.  It has relaxing properties, helps relieve nausea and migraines

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  • cypriot icetea organic herbs

    Teo ice tea-Organic ironwort (Sideritis/Mountain tea)extract with lemon aroma


    The tea contains natural lemon aroma, natural grape juice for sweetener and chlorophyll for its coloring. Therefore, tea has no added sugar! The tea is characterized by a mild taste of its herb and the wonderful aroma of lemon.

    Net Content 300ml



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  • Healthy organic ice tea, organic herbs, Cypriot Product, Cyprus, refreshing medical properties

    Teo ice tea: Organic sage and levander with mango aroma


    The first cypriot ice tea from organic herbs!

    • Produced in Cyprus
    • 100% pure and natural product
    • Without honey,sugar or even stevia for sweetener, but natural juice!
    • An enjoyable, refreshing and absolutely healthy drink!
    • Vegan
    • With natural colour,aroma and tast

    The drink consists of the extract of organic herbs, natural grape juice, natural black carrot juice and natural aroma (extract) of mango.Therefore, the tea does not have added sugar and that is why the statement “does not contain sugar” was placed on the label.

    The tea is characterized by an intense taste but also enjoyable by its herb and the wonderful mango aroma.

    Net Content 300ml



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