Who We Are

We are a team passionated about producing high quality, organic, bio, olive products and dry medditerrenean herbs

Our Products

Our products are carefully hand picked and packed. Some of our products are, green and black olive oils , premium extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs.

How We Work

We provide e-shops and stores across Cyprus and abroad with our premium products in order to maintain our high quality standards.

Our Products

Highest Quality


Every olive and herb is carefully handpicked by our stuff

100% Organic

All of our products are certified to be organic under the EU Law

Product range

Our product range is constantly expanding

Modern Farm

Made with passion at Maroni Larnaca on the island of Cyprus

Alway Fresh

We guarantee that our products , found in every store in Cyprus are always high quality and fresh.


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

Where to buy our products

For Cyprus

For abroad

For Cyprus Residents