Our story


Theodoros Christoforou planted the first olive trees of the genus Olea europaea ‘Koroneiki’


Olive trees get certified as organic according to the EU law


11000 new herb plants are planted. Oregano, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint and more.


We received our fist bronze medal for our high quality extra virgin olive oil. 


We have received our fist 2 containers in order to store and guarantee our olive oil’s quality.

To Pervoli - home oil
To Pervoli - olives black 1

We have a passion for 

extra virgin olive oil


We love extra virgin olive oil. We thrive to improve our product every year. We hate chemicals , like you do. Our production process uses only mechanical equipment, no chemicals, no fertilizers. Our extra virgin olive oil comes 

to you , as nature gave it to us

We have a wide range of mediterranean herbs

Our herbs are all certified as organic. We produce oregano, thyme, calendula, lavender and many more…

To Pervoli - home herb
To Pervoli - olives black 1
To Pervoli - olives black 1
To Pervoli - rosemary
To Pervoli - h3 leaf 4
To Pervoli - h3 leaf 2
To Pervoli - h3 leaf 1
To Pervoli - h3 leaf 1
To Pervoli - h3 leaf 1
Organic products from to pervoli

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